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East Coast Main LineThe East Coast Main Line (ECML) is the UK’s most significant rail infrastructure asset.

The line is more than 500 miles long, serves the capital cities of London and Edinburgh, and carries 20 million passengers each year.

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The East Coast Main Line connects local and regional economies with each other, to the national economy and to Europe and is of considerable strategic importance to both national and regional economies.

It gives businesses in the areas it serves access to opportunities across the whole length of the line

The East Coast Main Line also serves vital industry, including the North Sea oil and gas sectors, which operates as far south as the Humber estuary, while the growing renewable energy sectors along the east coast are increasing the need for collaboration and connectivity.

Biotechnology and life science businesses along the East Coast Main Line are at the forefront of innovation. Business clusters within these prosperous sectors exist in Dundee, Hertfordshire and York, with further growth expected in Darlington, Newcastle and Nottinghamshire.