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Investing in the East Coast Main Line has the potential to unlock an extra £5 billion for the UK economy, rising to £9 billion when combined with the benefits of High Speed 2 East.

UK-Map2This increased output would benefit all communities along the East Coast Main Line, and UK PLC as a whole.

Investment could bring massive benefits for both the passenger and freight services that use the line, and would provide greater connectivity for the businesses and industries along the line.

Investing in the East Coast Main Line could bring a multitude of benefits, including:

  • Eight long distance high speed passenger trains each hour from London to the north running at 100mph along the East Coast Main Line
  • High Speed 2 East services linking properly though to Yorkshire, north east England and on to Scotland
  • Direct services to London from key locations, such as Bradford, Scunthorpe and Middlesbrough, that have no direct service to the capital
  • Providing a new direct passenger service from Cambridge to and from the north to boost business connectivity outside London
  • Electrification of the rail network to Aberdeen and Inverness, and improved rail track on the Highland main line between Perth and Inverness, and the track between Aberdeen and the central belt, Edinburgh and the border.
  • Better connectivity from key locations near London with areas in the north, to better support their mutual economic growth.